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Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo is the pioneer of Rioja winemakers

Campo Viejo - Market Leader of Spain

Campo Viejo is the world’s best known brand of rioja with stable quality and full control over all production. Campo Viejo is a part of Domecq Bodegas, Spain’s largest wine producer. 


Campo Viejo - Carbon Neutral Winery

Campo Viejo is a unique brand in terms of many aspects. It is both the world’s first climate-neutral winery and it is led by a woman. Campo Viejo’s winery is located near Logroño, the “capital” of Rioja. In 2001, this modern winery was inaugurated with a view over the River Ebro. Here, the latest technology in the wine world is used without compromising the traditional wine production that has long been used in the region. The building is partially below ground to thereby obtain the most ideal conditions for producing and storing wine.