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Brancott Estate

Brancott are the true innovators and entrepreneurs of New Zealand wine-making.

Brancott Estate - History

In 1975, Brancott Vineyard was the site of the first Sauvignon Blanc plantings in Marlborough – a decision that went against the popular opinion of the time suggesting the New Zealand South Island was too cold to grow wine grapes. By indulging curiosity and belief in the land, Brancott soon proved this opinion wasn’t founded, releasing the first Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc vintage in 1979. This sensational wine turned into a phenomenon which, not only placed New Zealand firmly on the international wine map, but has since become a shining example of the extraordinary quality of wine that can be produced from this part of the world.


Brancott Estate - Pioneers from New Zealand

Today, Brancott Vineyard continues to be a source of inspiration for winemakers, not only proving that anything is possible with a curious nature, but that belief and knowledge can result in award-winning wines enjoyed the world over.