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Jacobs Creek

Jacob's Creek is a story of people, passion and place.

Jacob's Creek - History

The 167-year history of Gramp & Sons first began when a Bavarian immigrant missed the taste of wine from his homeland so much, he decided to start growing wine in Australia. In 1847, along the banks of Jacob’s Creek, Johann Gramp planted his first vineyard. His vision was to create great tasting wines that reflect the true character of the grapes and the land. To this day, we live and breathe this vision by producing wines that showcase how each grape variety expresses itself when shaped by the soil and the sun of Australia.


Jacob's Creek - style and character

The grapes for Jacob’s Creek come from different regions in South Eastern Australia, and make it possible for the winemakers to overcome seasonal variations in any individual region, improve the quality of the wine and choose fruit that best fits the wine’s style. The emphasis is to produce wine with a suitable balance between natural sweet and sour that best fits styles of Jacob’s Creek - resulting in elegant, soft and fruity wines that are known for quality and value.