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Havana Club

A cuban cocktail deserves a Cuban rum!

Havana Club - Authentic Cuban Rum

Havana Club and its “Maestros Roneros” have kept alive the Cuban art of ageing and blending premium rums, thus ensuring the survival of this extraordinary rum-making tradition.

Havana Club - Cuban sugar cane

Havana Club is made from genuine Cuban sugar cane. In the first pressing, a beautiful, dark nectar is obtained. It’s this nectar, or molasses, that’s the raw material in Cuban rum. Cuba’s climate is completely ideal for growing sugar cane and the Cuban raw material is recognised as the best in the world.

Havana Club - The Rum for Cuban Cocktails

Cuba, the home of Havana Club, is also the home of many world-class cocktails – the Mojito, Daiquiri, Mulata and Cuba Libre. The reason is the quality of the rum and the inventiveness of local bartenders.