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In France Ricard is known as "the sunshine of Provence"

Ricard - the King of Pastis

Ricard is the world’s best-selling anise-based spirit. What makes it one of a kind is its inimitable taste and unique production method that guarantees quality and a distinguished character.

Ricard - The authentic Marseille pastis

Pastis de Marseille is the original and big seller created by Paul Ricard in 1932. Ricard has since been an integrated part of the French drinking culture.  As the fourth largest brand in the world, Ricard is one of the few non-white spirits in the top 10 list of most sold products.

Ricard - the favourite aperitif in France

Pastis is an herb and spice spirit with star anise from Southeast Asia and licorice root from the Middle East.  Ricard can be served as an aperitif before meals, well chilled and blended with five parts water.